Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Needy Dog

As many of you know, my dog Petunia has quite a personality. She is a teeny Boston Terrier (only 12 lbs!). She likes to walk on the left side of you. Always. She also is very sensitive to the weather. She doesn't like the cold or the heat or the rain or the snow. And she'll let you know when she is unhappy. Her ears are so expressive you feel like she's actually talking to you. She has a couple of different stink eyes. One is a slow turn that tells you how obnoxious she thinks you're being (usually its when you're too loud, or you move too much and disrupt her spot). Another is more of a squint that she'll shoot you when you've taken too many pictures (see above). There is also the disappointed frown which will stop you in your tracks. She is staring at me right now. I don't know what she wants!

But apart from the judging, she is one of the most lovable dogs ever. She is constantly next to you, she snuggles with you on the couch, sits on your lap, anything to be close to you. The smaller the spot the better - her favorite is to be behind you while you sit on the couch. Earlier while I was typing this, I had my legs up on her like an ottoman and she didn't care. Her loyalty and concern for our (my and SHM's) safety is adorable and endearing. Anyone who is not us is a threat who she must alert us to immediately and urgently. Today was no exception. Since the office is slow, I brought her in so she wouldn't be lonely. She spent 95% of the day on my lap with her head on my desk and her paws almost on the keyboard. The other 5% she spent barking at anyone else coming into the office. The times I had to put her down when there were no intruders, she would simply stand next to me and cry and shake (she is a bit of a shaker). So I had to bring her up again, or as was the case by the end of the day, just hold her, like a baby on my hip, and so she would stop. She is a funny little dog.