Friday, March 16, 2012

Breathing into the Wind

I often forget that babies are new. New to life and so new to everything in life. Since Baby is a winter baby, he is on the lower end of the bell curve when it comes to experiencing things outside. His environment has stayed pretty stable, pretty consistent and always comfortable (lucky Baby). There have been a few jaunts into the great outdoors thanks to our mild winter (and global warming? err). But until recently, these jaunts have immediately put Baby to sleep, or have been calm days with no wind.
Then recently, SHM and I took Baby out on a beautiful and windy day. We ran several errands in town and then decided just spend time outside with Baby in the carriage. The sun was shining! The wind was blowing! And we look over and Baby is turning his head about, taking in weird gulps of air- what on earth? Then we realized that this was the same thing he did when we blew in his face, and then two and two came together- he didn't know how to breathe in the wind! EEEE! So cute!! It only took him a couple of seconds to figure it out, but those seconds were priceless and a reminder to us that even though WE feel quite aged and tired and like we've been doing this baby thing forever, HE is only 11 weeks old and every experience is brand new.

Also, from here on out, Baby is now being referred to as Monkers, short for Chunky Monkers, which, when said by SHM makes Baby smile the widest.