Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Challenge

As you may have gleaned from my previous blog, I love to read. I enjoy reading all kinds of books for the most part: bestsellers, historical fiction, chic lit (although I like those less after the annoying genre name was created). I also love classics. I am on a personal mission to read lots of classics. This secret obsession for classic books has pushed me through Gone with the Wind (I think I was 15 when I read it), The Portrait of a Lady, Crime and Punishment, and others. But this week, while on vacation, I have embarked on perhaps my most ambitious read ever.It was given to me by my mum, who got it from work from a woman who couldn't even stand to hold it, let alone read it. I understand,it's a very heavy book. A Suitable Boy. 1500 pages about finding a husband in 1950's, Post-British, Post Partition, India. There are an unknown number of characters (all connected in some way) that I keep track of with a family tree chart. I started it on Sunday, August 15 and currently I am on page 320, I give myself to Christmas to finish it....


  1. I've never read anything 1500 pages and am very intrigued! Keep us posted ;-) Happy Friday GEM!

  2. Great. When you are done with that, I'd love to send you my Property textbook from last year. Perhaps you can coast through the 2,000 pages and tell me what I missed.

  3. There is always Shantaram -someday it will be a classic, so you may as well add it to the list. Turns out Ultimate Chicken had my copy all along, so now I have 2!