Monday, February 20, 2012

Stuffy Baby was Really Stuffy

In fact, stuffy Baby had a mild case of a fairly severe respiratory virus, RSV. What began as a small check-up with the pediatrician turned into a 2 night stay at the illustrious Emerson Hospital. Luckily it was just for observation, some saline nebulizing and some extended time in an oxygen tent. Baby was a trooper, wooing the nurses as he recovered. At the end of it, his lungs were clear, there was oxygen in his veins and he had slept longer at night then ever at home. He still has an old man cough in the morning, but otherwise, we are happy campers again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stuffy Baby

Nothing is sadder than a sick baby. Not serious sick, of course, I mean minor, inconvenient, but not worrisome, sick. This week I'm dealing with some stuffiness and coughing. No fever, and he's still able to eat and sleep, so it's not THAT bad, which makes it sad and funny when he sneezes his little sneezes and when he coughs his biddy coughs. Much like the way it's also sad and funny when your baby cries so hard his voice vibrates and his face turns red (to which I say "just put your leg down and I'll be done changing your diaper and we can all be happy jeeeeeez!!").
But this cold is making him grumpy and it's super sad to hear him coughing and sniffling and who knew that takes years for kids to learn how to blow their noses- doesn't it seem instinctive to want get all that out, as opposed to sniffling it back in?! I think so.
All we can do is turn on the humidifier, keep him upright, suction out his boogers after he sneezes, and snuggle him until he get better. Poor little boy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 weeks!

My son is 6 weeks old tomorrow! I can't believe we made it! 6 weeks. He's gained 3 pounds from his hospital discharge weight, and is an inch longer. He can pick his head up. He smiles and looks RIGHT AT us! Here's to the next 6 weeks being a little easier than the last:)

The Cutest Little Things

There are a lot of cute things about babies. Their little mini- ears, their little mini- toes, their little mini- fingers.The feature that seems to facinate the most people are fingernails. They are OH SO cute. SO teeny tiny!

They also, however, are sharp like razor blades. 10 mini razor blades shredding my chest, 10 mini razor blades, so sharp that when Jack sometimes scratches his face they make him look like he got into a rumble with an aggressive house cat. Oh and to top it off, they grow like weeds and getting him to keep still to cut them is as hard as cutting the nails of the previously mentioned aggressive house cat.