Monday, August 2, 2010


If someone were to ask me what I take away from my camp experience at the end of each summer, I would answer with one word: energy. Kids have a lot of energy. Kids even have energy when they don't have energy. When adults are tired, or grumpy, a lot of them (not all!) tend to take themselves out of situations, sit down, maybe even go to take a nap if they are lucky. If they had a choice, they would definitely, at the VERY least, stop running. Kids seem to do the opposite. The kids at my camp never stop running (I know I established this already). Not only that, today they never stopped jumping. One of our last activities of the day is free swim and there was a group of boys who LITERALLY (and I mean LITERALLY, not the Gossip-Girl-literally which means figuratively) jumped off the blocks for 45 minutes without stopping. In and out, in and out. Sometimes changing up their jumps, sometimes grooving to Justin Beiber and then jumping, sometimes pretending to dunk like their favorite Celtics player, but always continuously jumping. You think this would be enough, right? Not quite. After this, we have snack, then dodgeball. Dodgeball is optional. They don't have to play. But they insist on playing. They NEED to play. They are, of course, exhausted but they don't sit down- that would be too easy. They keep jumping, running, throwing balls. Sometimes all at the same time. They get grumpy and cranky, but as soon as you mention "hey bud, why don't you sit down, take a break" they are back in action, jumping higher, running faster, throwing harder. It's quite a spectacle of human endurance.

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