Friday, April 27, 2012

Always Replenish the Diaper Bag

Boos and I ran a few errands the other day.

Sidebar: Right after I established Monkers as Baby’s official blog name, we promptly stopped calling him that. He is now Boos. Short for Boo-Boos.

We drove here and there and ended up at the Mall. This is my favorite mall since it added a new fancy section with trees, classical music and fountains (or the sound of running water? Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually seen a fountain. Maybe I am just imagining the water sound because it’s so serene, huh. Anywaaayy). I have recently found that not only do they have large beautiful restrooms, but there are PRIVATE nursing rooms. PRIVATE. With a comfy chair, your own sink and changing area. And it’s oh-so-clean (I mean, as far as mall bathrooms go).
So I like this mall and Boos and I are having a great outing. He’s being perfect and calm and entertaining himself with his bug toy so I am able to return my things without incident and (bonus) have lunch. On my way out, I think that I better check his diaper, lest I suffer through 30 minutes of crying on the way home. Plus, it’s excuse for me to use the amahhzing nursing rooms. So we head in, get set up, and holy crap- literally. I find a poop explosion that has come up his back, through his clothes (2 layers) and leaked out to the car seat. CRAP (literally). I quickly grab my diaper bag- ONE diaper- phew, that was a close one. Then I grab the wipes- TWO wipes- err- that’s not going to cut it. I quickly scan around, find anti-bacterial gel in my bag and grab some paper towels to create homemade wipes. Poopy clothes have been tossed into the sink to be soaked (not so easy when the faucet is automatic and on a timer). I save the two wipes for that cute little bum and YES, I do still have a spare outfit so I do not have leave the mall with a naked baby. Lesson of the Day: Always check supply levels BEFORE leaving the house.

Meanwhile, Boos considers this to be the funniest moment of his life. I have a picture of it all but I'll spare you. This one was taken at lunch, before everything went to... poop.