Friday, August 13, 2010


I was going to write about something else today but I just had to change it...

Today I realized that I have a problem with books. Sounds ridiculous... what could be bad about books? Nothing is wrong with the books themselves... It's my compulsion to buy them. I love them and I collect them. I'll get them from the dorms at the end of the school year, from the Wellesley Book Exchange (aka the Dump), I'll buy them on clearance from Barnes and Noble. I tend not to buy them full price, but I buy them just the same. My dream is to have a massive library with books lining the walls and I have read them all. Awhile ago I paused my purchasing so that I could catch up and read the ones I had. Then I started again and now have dozens of books to read. I was shuffling through my stacks today looking for ones to bring on my vacation. I noticed one hardcover title, Run, by Ann Patchett. When did I get that? Oh yes, I read her Bel Canto and loved it and picked this one up at the Dump. But then I noticed it again. Hardcover twice. I stared at the two identical books trying to figure out what had happened... When did I get the other one? The Booksmith on sale? Hmmm... not a big deal I guess, I can give one away.... then my eyes fell on the paperback copy....

3 copies of the same book!?!?

No more buying books!!!


  1. Well this just translates into me having excellent choices of books to borrow!

  2. Run is a great book - maybe not three copies, but definitely a great book!

  3. I have been guilty of this too!!! Can I borrow it? : )
    One can never have too many books. I swear between you me and ultimate chicken, we could start our own bookstore!

  4. So the library sells books dirt cheap. You are my library like we are your blockbuster. :-)