Sunday, November 7, 2010


Last night SHM and I went to the Parental's for dinner. After the most amazing salmon EVER (thank you, Pedro), we were joined by Julipe (celebrity name of my brother and sister-in-law) for a movie. Most of us had had very stressful and intense weeks, so originally we were looking for a comedy. However, after going through A LOT of movies, we realized the chance of finding a comedy that was actually funny, was slim, and we changed genres. Eventually, we settled on one called Splice. We watched the preview and it looked like a mix of Sci-Fi/scary and we decided it would be fun to watch a scary movie all together.

What we got was a comedy mixed with disturbing, and haunting. I won't give it away, because although I would never want to be the reason for someone seeing this movie, it makes me uncomfortable to recount the plot. Let's just say, the movie was based on the scientists pushing the envelope with genetics and mutating, and there are some highly inappropriate relationships between the scientist and the experiment.

I wikipedia'd it to provide you with a link, and thought the following quote described it well: "Splice is funny, frightening, and shocking all at once. It’s a disturbing commentary on where science is heading, and it is not easily shaken off once you leave the theatre."

Still, I think Jules summed it up the best: "I need a shower for my brain". If only she could. If only we all could.

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  1. i'll refrain. I'm scared just reading your post.