Friday, October 22, 2010


I am a very good sleeper. I sleep well most often. I would rather be sleeping before 8:00am, than be awake, always. I notoriously will hit snooze multiple times. My longest snoozing record is 54 minutes . When the alarm goes off in the morning and I have the choice between getting up and having a calm, relaxing morning or sleeping until the last possible second, sleep always wins. This often leaves me with no time for a shower (sad but true), breakfast, or any wardrobe malfunction (heaven forbid the shirt I had in mind is at the dry cleaner- crisis- 2 minutes lost!). This has also gone horribly awry several times. The most common reason is me hitting the off button when I think I am hitting the snooze button. When this mistake is realized, the result is panic, bad hair, bad outfits and a grumpy mood. The actual consequences for being so late however, have changed depending on my environment. In high school I benefited from being at a school where sweat pants that may or may not have been slept in, could still pass as normal (albeit not neat nor clean) attire. I also lived across the road from class. Much closer than the girls who drove in and parked. So I could literally roll out of bed and into class. College was even easier, I just scheduled my classes later. Until three years ago, my occasional late, panicked self could slide into work unnoticed. This is no longer the case.

Since I have become an advisor at Girls' Prep, it is my responsibility to take attendance every morning at 8:00am. I tend to walk to work, since I live on campus, but I am no longer across a road. I am across a street, past the tennis courts, past the dining center, library, another street, up a hill and to the right. On a slow leisurly day it will take me 7 minutes. Today was not that day. I casually checked my clock to read: 7:54am. PANIC!!! I am in clothes, teeth brushed, out the door, across campus and walking into the Middle School at 8:08am. I take attendance, hand it in, walk out to get materials for my 8:20 class, text SHM with my ETD and receive the response "impressive". Yes, I think it was.


  1. Very impressive!
    Does JAH realize she has two sleepers in the wedding? Let's hope nothing is scheduled for early....

  2. To Black Bear:

    HAHAHAHA! That is very impressive. I wish you had taken a picture of your outfit though. Thank God JCrew continues to put models in mismatched clothes that are unbuttoned and crooked. I bet you looked ultra fabulous.

    Grizzly Bear