Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Music That Soothes Me

When you work at a school, time is very much on a cycle. There are ups and downs, peaks and valleys of commotion, stress, excitement and activity (depending on who you ask). In terms of peaks, I would say we are at the top of Mt. Everest right now. The trimester is ending and grades are due, fall sports are ending and winter tryouts are beginning, the high school is taking exams, vacation is around the corner, but not QUITE here yet. In times like this, I find I am often talking to my girls about relieving stress. How they can help themselves feel better. I noticed last week, as I was pulling out my hair and biting down my nails, that I needed some of this stress relief. That's when I turn on my Ipod and put it on shuffle. More than anything else, music has the power to soothe me. Not all music, mind you,some music makes me feel considerably worse, but when I am typing away at my computer and a certain song comes on, I am instantly at ease.
Since I think we all could use a little relief from the stress of life, I have listed below the 4 songs that have most recently had this soothing and wonderful effect on my poor frazzled self. Enjoy!

Jackopierce- More Than This
John Mayer- War of My Life
She & Him- Lingering Still
Norah Jones- Feelin' The Same Way

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