Monday, September 6, 2010


The Harbor Cruise is a tradition at Girls Prep. Every year the entire school (students and faculty) load up on school buses (9 in total) and caravan to the Boston Seaport. There, we are all aboard the Provincetown II for a two hour tour of Boston by sea. There's music, there's dancing. Its a fun time all around. Adding together the years I have worked here and the years I attended, I counted this as my 16th Harbor Cruise. Over the years, I have realized some notable changes that I am not all that comfortable with. For starters, this year I was considerably more shocked by the outfits on many of the students (mostly seniors) than in the past. Sometime in the past 20 years, this tradition has become a display of apparel. I am not sure when... I do not remember anything I wore myself as a student, except senior year when I think I wore all black? It's a little hazy. Did I wear heels? I don't know... did I own heels? I must have, right?? Times (or I) have since changed. Sitting on the boat deck on Monday, basking in the warm sun, I could not open my eyes and not notice the skirts. Or, should I say, non-skirts. These questionable skirts, could have been confused for a small nightie, or a tube of jersey, or a shirt with a belt. Several did not clear the upper thigh and so required spandex shorts underneath to keep them from being completely vulgar.
By the end of the day, I had been stunned more time than I could count. I can't tell you what horrified me more, the inappropriate lyrics to god-awful songs, or the hooker-ish looking outfits (did I mention that most of the non-skirts were white?? ERRR not at all flattering) with those crazy heels that you see most often on Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Heidi Montag.

I am officially an Old Fogie.


  1. I am so glad that was not the trend for us back then!

  2. All our skirts came from classy Express. I believe we both had the mini cotton spandex in black. Mine had a peek-a-boo slit in the front.

    And you wore T-shirts - sometimes polos. Jeans. V-neck wool sweaters.

    I agree about the non-skirts. In manhattan, though, they are worn by women of all ages. So, I not only feel like an Old Fogie when I walk around stunned by the sea of legs in front of me...but apparently, in my long loose cargo pants, I look one too. :/

  3. Ahh yes those Express Skirts.... we WERE big fans:) I knew someone out there would remember:)