Friday, September 17, 2010

The 5-Day Work Week

I know that this post will receive few, if any, sympathy votes outside the bubble of education, but I need to say it anyway. Though I have been "back to school" for almost a month now, this has been my first full, 5-day, week of work. 5 FULL days. In a row! With no break! Those around Girls Prep (adults and kids combined) found this week to be pretty grueling. To be up and at school, ready to think, by 8am every day after 3 months of summer?? To pick out an outfit that is within dress-code 5 times?? It's just too hard! This has been the conversation all week. Some people have confused days, some have not been able to keep the weeks straight, some are struggling to keep all their balls in the air, and others, like myself, are doing all of these things. I have referred to "tomorrow" several times while actually meaning to say the day after (this causes quite a bit of confusion). I was sitting, blissfully ignorant on my couch one night, when I was scheduled to be visiting a dorm, not to remember until the next morning when a student asked where I had been (I didn't know what she was talking about, I stared at her blankly for a good 2 seconds). I forgot to bring my supplies for one of my classes on Thursday, and I am constantly thinking it is next week instead of this week. My reason for this rant is that I am, as of 2:00pm today, done working. I cannot make my little brain think anymore. Happy Friday everyone, I'm going to go watch some field hockey.

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