Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Dreams

We are not finding out the sex of our baby. As a result, lots of people have given their predictions and asked me if I have a "feeling" of what it's going to be. Other women have told me that they had signs, or feelings, or they just knew. Some women dream the sex of their baby. My mother, when pregnant with me, said she had a dream where not only did she see what I was, but she saw my exact face! She knew ahead of time what I was going to look like. And I looked just like how she dreamed! That's weird.
So far I have had two dreams:

Dream #1 was at about 16 weeks or so. I was in a warehouse of some sort. My parents were there and my brother and sister in law and SHM. Everyone was going about their business, doing their own thing in the warehouse which was all completely normal. I am pregnant in the dream, but not very... maybe half way, but I suddenly go into labor. I start yelling to people because I know that I am early, but the baby just shoots right out. Probably within 30 seconds. I am relieved, no labor! That was so easy! And I have a boy. A suddenly 3 year old boy, with red hair. Everyone is excited.

Dream # 2 was at about 20 weeks. This time I am completely asleep for the labor (are you noticing a theme?) and wake up to SHM handing me the baby. This time it's a girl. I am a little bummed that I missed out on the entire birthing experience, although I am happy that I am not in pain. This time I am in a proper hospital. But it looks like a ski chalet, and we have two rooms, one with a fire place. Petunia is there with us as well. SHM and I look at each other and look at our girl. I keep saying the name we have picked out in advance and he doesn't respond. Finally I say "don't you like this name? I thought we had agreed on it?" and he says "sure sure, we can change it" and then I am confused. What is her name then? SHM replies "Stephanie Francesco". At this point I start to yell and cry, and I think I throw my phone at him and yell something that I cannot call my parents and tell them the baby is named Stephanie Francesco. He says "ok, ok, I'll change it, no bid deal". And that's the end of the dream.

So those are my two dreams so far. Not very helpful in terms of predicting the sex. Although now, instead of calling the baby "it" we call it "Steffi Francesco".

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