Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pregnant Thoughts

The last time I wrote for this blog I was 4 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet. I am now 6 months pregnant and staring down the third trimester. Starting 6 months ago, my feelings about pregnancy were ranging from being shocked, to excited, to anxious, to excited, to panicked, to excited, to panicked again (notice the theme) and now I am just impatient. There is an awful lot of build up to the "biggest change of your life". You hear a lot of comments like "Better get your sleep now!" or "It will change your life" or "Have your fun now, it's all going to come to an end soon". Encouraging. And unlike planning for your wedding (which is also 9 months of build up, sometimes more), the fear of this unknown puts a light damper on the excitement. You know your life is about to change forever. You know it's monumental. You just can't possibly imagine what it's REALLY like. This isn't just build up for a big fun party and a pretty white dress. This is the build up of a whole new little PERSON. A person who is, by the way, growing inside you. A person who is kicking you from the inside out, much like you'd imagine an alien would if it somehow got stuck inside your stomach. And this little person will need you for every second of every day for everything for YEARS. Until they don't and they're yelling at you to leave them alone. This is not at all intimidating. BUT, we stay positive.
This week I have exactly 3 months to go until my due date (December 27- Christmas Baby? New Years Baby? Can I just be 10 days early??). As I have settled into my emotions (or maybe it's the hormones that have temporarily settled), I am noticing that there is a lot about being pregnant that I will want to remember (and a lot that I'll happily forget but laugh at later). So, for the next few months be prepared for my pregnant musings. Hopefully one day Baby Mattison will think it all as funny as I did.


  1. I love it!! You look beautiful.

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  3. I don't know guids...don't you think you should stay away from mirrors and big furniture...I mean, you are pregnant. Things could fall at any s-e-c-o-n-d.

    Just kidding!!

    Love you - and love that you are back writing again! :)

    (PS - earlier post removed because of awful spelling error.)

  4. You look wonderful. Congrats. Also Kain was due on Dec 29th and was born Dec 17th so you never know.. You may just go early. Enjoy every moment.