Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 year olds

Part of my job at Girls Prep is working at their summer camp. Some days this is a challenge since the kids are younger and they seem to have trouble keeping their hands to themselves and they run everywhere until they don't and then it is impossible to get them to go anywhere at all. But sometimes it can be pretty funny. In between rounds of Capture the Flag, I overhear the following exchange involving two boys, one is 7, the other is 8.
Two conversations are happening at the same time. One is about the difference between Hyundai and Honda. Whether they are the same company, or one is a spin off of the other. The other is an inspection of a leg that may or not be bleeding. There is discussion as to whether it's bleeding or a scab. At the end, the younger boy nudges the other and says, “Hey, how do you know so much about cars and scabs?”

Another instructor and I burst out laughing, the 7 year old glared at us, and then ran back to the game.


  1. Dear GEM:

    I am so happy that you are blogging because I can already see that your posts will make me laugh and *might*, perhaps, overtime, warm me up to the idea of having kids.

    Yours Truly,

    Ms. Want to steal Petunia when you are not looking and take her to an old Irish pub and talk about the "good ole days" over some biscuits soaked in gravy. I will also wear a bib.

  2. lol! That is too funny! So happy to see you in the blogging world GEM!